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Connie Zullo

Lazy Realtors

Has your Home sat on the market for months, even years without budging? Are you sick and tired of Realtors? Probably so… Well I have some great news for you! I am an Expired Listing Specialist that will get your home sold. Back in September 2013, I sold a house that had been on the market for 3 years, showing maybe a couple of times a month. When I received the listing, and applied my marketing plan , the house was under contract within 63 days! The market is soaring right now and if your home has been on the market, and not sold, you defiantly have a problem. You know, I search the MLS on a daily basis, and one thing that really gets my attention is why a Realtor would list a home and only post one picture to the listing! I see it all the time! Don’t be fooled by a lazy Realtor that is not going fully dedicate all of their energy to YOUR listing. It takes more energy to put up the sign than it does to take pictures! Buyers love to see the inside of the house, so when I list a property it has the full 25 photos that are allowed on the MLS.

Another one that gets me is…. Call owner for appointment! Now not only has your Realtor not given your listing any exposure, they don’t even set up appointments for you, meaning they don’t know if this buyer is pre-qualified or not. Doesn’t have a clue as to who is coming to see you house!

Directions…. Map Quest!  Well certainly if the Realtor is not going to post pictures to the MLS, make appointments  for you and be sure that a pre-qual letter is provided before showing, why in the world would they take the extra 5 minutes to type in the correct directions for your listing?

I am quite sure that many of you have experienced Realtors like this, as I said, I see it on the MLS everyday.

If you really want to get down to business and sell you home, please give me a call today and lets put my plan into action and bring us both profitable results