Real Estate in Henry, Spalding, Butts, Lamar and Pike Counties
Connie Zullo

Price It Hot!!!!

Can You Get A Higher Price By Hiring A Different Company?

No – All Companies Work From The Same Data/  Every real estate company accesses the exact same database to retrieve the data when preparing a CMA.

But Many Sellers Are Told Otherwise/ Often an agent with agree with whatever price a seller wants just to get the listing. Then as time goes by the agent requests a price reduction from the seller.

I Do Not Practice Deception With My Clients/ Life is too short, and the world too small, to purposely lie to people for quick gain. Real estate sales is a referral business and you’ll only refer your family and friends to me if I am a honest  and hard working agent!

Overpricing Causes 4 Problems That Must Be Avoided At All Cost!

1.Low, or no, excitement from MLS agents

2. Motivated buyers will avoid confrontation

3. You actually help your competition to sell

4. Lenders will not approve financing